1Focus Radio

Bringing the Talk Radio experience to West Sussex!

1Focus Radio is a prospective station for West Sussex, which aims to do things a little differently. It was founded by University Of Chichester graduate Jamie Dyer, who spotted a large gap in the market. It was felt that while local radio existed in West Sussex, most offerings were more mainstream; with a small amount of room for truly local content. Inspired by the popular American local talk radio scene, 1Focus Radio plans to bring the magic of the genre to the UK.

A note from Jamie Dyer

“When I first heard the magic of US local talk radio, it was like a whole world had opened up. Listening to the likes of KABC and The Point paved the way for my future inspirations. Although I am not a local to their part of the world, they still offered talk based programming that was universal. In addition to the news focused agenda, I got to hear a variety of different topics discussed; it was compelling. I hope that West Sussex can get behind me on this project, because local radio has the power to enrich people’s lives in a unique way. I have noticed the same staid pattern emerging over the last few years, and I think it is time to change the direction. Offering a service that offers the variety of American talk radio, will bring an air of freshness to proceedings. I have trawled through DAB selections on many occasions, but I see very few choices for those interested in talk based programming; it’s either 2 commercial stations or the BBC. I believe that a unique local station could change the radio landscape, starting a trend that could grow. I have always believed in the power of local radio, and I don’t think a talk based station done correctly would fail. I believe it can be done

Getting Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We shall be looking for a wide range of different skills and experience, all on a voluntary basis. While we wish that we could pay each and every person who comes through our door, it just isn’t viable at present. However, it is believed that a decent following and solid output, will pave the way for success.