As part of our service, we produce radio content for licensed online, community and hospital radio stations worldwide.

Each show is signed off with ‘This has been a SouthWaves Audio production for your favorite radio station.

The Pop Show

The Pop Show is a weekly 55-minute program presented by broadcaster Jamie Dyer. Playing the best in Pop music from the 90s, 00s and today, we present a fun packed show of memories, old and new. Covering a wide range of popular music fads and genres including boyband, dance, rap and cheesy pop; there is sure to be something for everyone!

Features include:
The Triple 90s Selection: Three tracks from the 90s that are…sooo 90s!
Featured Album: A spotlight on a classic Pop album, featuring 2 songs.
Triple Play – Three tracks with a connection

Broadcast Outlets
The show comes with its own idents within it but is distributed in 3 parts to allow for station identification, ads etc.

Shows are offered FREE to licensed stations.

The Old Time Review Radio Show

Jamie Dyer presents the weekday one hour show that celebrates the best in Old Time entertainment, spanning the 1930s to the 1970s. Encompassing TV, movies, radio, and music; every nook and cranny of the vintage entertainment world is covered! Alongside some classic era recordings, new covers and vintage inspired tracks will be included also. As well as the music, Jamie will introduce a variety of spoken word features and discussion, designed to get the audience engaged and participating in the show.

Features include:
On This Day: We mull over celebrity birthdays and important events that happened ‘on this day’.
Featured Review: A review of a vintage movie, radio show, artist or TV show.
I’ve Got A Subject: We discuss something from yesteryear
Three In One: We play three tracks that connect, can you guess the connection?

Broadcast Outlets

The Old Time Review Show is currently seeking affiliates to broadcast the show, which will be produced five days a week. The show will initially be released three files of 18 minutes, designed for insertion of adverts, promos, and jingles. The show contains its own idents and jingles, with occasional reference to the Old Time Review website ( For more information about taking the show, please email

Shows are offered FREE to licensed stations.


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