As part of our service, we produce radio content for licensed online, community and hospital radio stations worldwide.

Each show is signed off with ‘This has been a SouthWaves Audio production for your favourite radio station.

The Pop Show

The Pop Show is a weekly 55-minute program presented by broadcaster Jamie Dyer. Playing the best in Pop music from the 90s, 00s and today, we present a fun packed show of memories, old and new. Covering a wide range of popular music fads and genres including boyband, dance, rap and cheesy pop; there is sure to be something for everyone!

Features include:

The Triple 90s Selection: Three tracks from the 90s that are…sooo 90s! Featured Album: A spotlight on a classic Pop album, featuring 2 songs. Triple Play – Three tracks with a connection.

Here’s an example of a recent show:

Broadcast Outlets The show comes with its own idents within it but is distributed in 3 parts to allow for station identification, ads etc. A full 55-minute version is also available.

Shows are offered FREE to licensed stations.

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The Pop Show is on the following stations:

Bognor Regis Radio

Shuffle Radio

920 WON: The Apple

Ambron Radio