Music Submission

At SouthWaves Audio, we are always looking for new music to include in our syndicated programming. Here’s all you need to know about music submission.
Why Do You Want Submissions?

We present and produce syndicated radio shows that feature new music. In particular, our New Music HourĀ is dedicated to airing unsigned and independent talent from across the world. Submissions are also handy to discover generate content for reviews, features and interviews for the website.

What Genres Are You Interested In?

ANYTHING! No matter the genre, we want to hear from you.

What Do I Need To Submit?

Simply email attaching the following:

  1. An MP3 of your latest single, encoded at the highest bit-rate possible.
  2. A biography of the act.
  3. An image of the act, in the best possible quality. Landscape preferred.

If you have an EPK with all the above, please enclose that instead.

Please Note: Emails that match the following descriptions, will be deleted with no reply.
  1. Any email that misses any of the above steps.
  2. Any Email with just a link and no text.
  3. Any attempted submissions over social media
  4. Any questioning emails (Is this what you’re looking for etc)
  5. Anything that refers us to being a radio station.
Why Do You Only Accept Emails?

Our job is to promote your music, and that takes a lot of organisation. Our many volunteers sort through hundreds of submissions to create content. Having all data in one place means things are easier and more efficient, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Any Other Information:

  1. There is no cut off date.
  2. Please send FINISHED tracks, not demos or rough mixes.
  3. Tracks must be radio friendly (IE no swearing etc)