Get Involved

Interested in getting involved in SouthWaves Audio?

What We Offer:

As we are not a business at present, we look to take on a few volunteers who are interested in media production, journalism and local events. We can offer guidance to those individuals, by our experienced founder Jamie Dyer, plus some access to information and contacts.

What We’re Looking For:

Music Reviewers
At present, we’re looking to expand our number of reviewers. If you’re keen on new music and have the enthusiasm to type up a 300-500 review per week, then we want to hear from you. Unless you are self sufficient, we can supply you with the music from our vast list of submissions. In return for at least one review per week, we shall promote your work via social media and related channels. At present, this position is Voluntary.


We are looking for volunteers who are interested in journalism. If you can spot an opportunity and write a good local story under 500 words, then we’re looking for you!


We are looking to find people interested in the medium of podcasting. They can be involved already, or be complete amateurs. This position is voluntary.