About SouthWaves Audio

The SouthWaves name was originally used as the name of a community radio station, which began broadcasting online in 2015. It was founded by autistic University Of Chichester alumnus Jamie Dyer.

SouthWaves Radio specialised in speech and drama programming and had the benefit of working with many high profile organisations across Sussex and Hampshire. The station was so unique, that the opportunity was open for us to submit for a local DAB and FM community license for Portsmouth and Chichester. Due to personal, financial and other constraints, the dream ended in early 2017. However, the unique prospect of speech and drama related content has kept the idea fresh in people’s mind; this is where SouthWaves Audio comes in!

SouthWaves Audio serves to do all of the things that the radio station did; distributed as on-demand content. Our aim is to make a mark in the growing world of audio drama, and speech-based podcast.

Our focus on podcast and video content serves to expand the possibilities, keeping things financially viable. In addition to this, we aim to offer arts-based news and reviews on our website.

About Jamie Dyer

Upon leaving school in 2006, Jamie completed two Media diploma’s at Boston College in Boston, UK; getting top marks. While studying at the college, he gained an interest and understanding in video production, graphic design, page layout, animation, audio production and more. In mid 2008, Jamie began to embark on a journey into local community radio. It was while researching the local Boston scene, that he stumbled into a voluntary presenter position at Stump Radio (Now Endeavour FM). Over the course of two 1 month RSL broadcasts, Jamie gained valuable experience in the art of preparation, broadcast communication and social media. Jamie left Endeavour FM in the summer of 2009 to move back to his homeland of Chichester, West Sussex; attending the University Of Chichester to study Media Production and Media Studies. During the three year course, Jamie got to expand his knowledge of video production, media theory and screenwriting. While studying, Jamie built an audio studio in his own home and began broadcasting online.

Between 2010 and 2014, Jamie broadcast radio shows on a variety of different stations including 1Radio, One Radio, Teen FM, Real Hit Radio, Rubix Radio, Endeavour Radio, Vibes Essex, Venture Radio, Spitfire Radio, Bumps Radio, Angel Radio and many more. It was during these years that Jamie found his true passion for broadcasting, and sought to be involved on a full time basis.

Upon graduating in 2012, he tried to find a spot in the media industry; radio in particular. Jamie tried everything to make a name for himself including several syndicated radio shows, podcasts. broadcast marathon events, YouTube show production, recording music and more.

He was diagnosed in 2013 with Asperger’s Syndrome, after 20+ years of wondering and suspecting.