Three Dead- “I’m Ok’’

Describing their music as alternative rock with a fusion 90s grunge and heavy metal, this Bristol trio are likely to excite and enthral revellers with what they have to showcase. Needless to say, I am a bit bias being an ardent supporter of all things Bristol. I feel privileged to call it home as it is a city that appears to be bursting with artistic creativity at the moment and this band are no exception.

Comprising of Tino on vocals and guitar, Matthew on drums and Carl on bass, this trio packs a pretty impressive musical punch. Influenced by the likes of Biffy Clyro, Jeff Buckley and Foo Fighters, Three Dead manage to artistically craft a sound that is sophicated yet resonant and fun. The marriage of these three qualities is evident in their new single “I’m Okay” which is an outstanding showcase of the depth of their musicology, therefore it come as no surprise to learn that all three members are BIMM alumni sitting comfortably in the esteemed company of accomplished artists like James Bay and George Ezra .

The single “I’m Okay” is an exploration of claustrophobic relationships and mental abuse and is aimed at giving people assurance and encouragement to talk about mental health issues. Although the subject matter may come across as a bit heavy, the way in which they have managed to skilfully package and delivere this showpiece is far from morbid. It is creatively animated, uplifting and doesn’t cast you into the doldrums of dispair which quite is often associated with musical lyrics that have a serious tone. Instead, it almost entices the listener to get up and shake away those blues, like the perfect medicine for the troubled soul, something we could all do with a dose of time to time. The accompanying video is nothing short of a riotous masterpiece, a memorable viewing experience that leaves the viewer smiling, even on a gloomy day.

It’s clear to see that the Three Dead have proficiently laid the foundational work required for a successful musical career, with their time at BIMM clearly putting them miles ahead of the competition. That smart move coupled with what appears to be a natural ability to get people either dancing or smiling through songs that are so acutely in tune with challenging human experiences is quite simply the thing of geniuses.

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