I Wrote This Song To Inspire Myself – Elastic Waste

Oh, what fun!  Elastic Waste, not the kind that might keep your trousers up, are catapulting us right back to the nineties heyday of post-punk pop when the likes of Green Day and Smash Mouth were rocking our stereos.  Hailing from Liversedge West Yorkshire this three-piece are also bringing a bit of Britishness to the sound.  ‘I Wrote This Song To Inspire Myself’ is four minutes of pure power pop escapism. 

With the crack of snare and a relentless bass drum thrum clattering along like a steam train gone rogue these guys are making music which sounds as fresh now as it did back then.  Hooking you in with a great chorus and frat boy melodies the song makes you want to listen again and again.  It’s catchy, it’s well crafted, it makes you smile, at least it did me.

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