The Greedy Souls – Follow Me

Whilst still basking in the euphonious glory that ‘We Will Rule’ brought us, then suddenly out of the blue the awesome foursome are back with something fresh to tickle your musical taste buds. They had promised something different and a bit of experimentation with new sounds and styles, thankfully the new single ‘Follow Me’ doesn’t disappoint and truly showcases what these lads are really all about.

‘Follow Me’ is a melodious rock/ indie infused tale about feeling stuck in a rut through being a prisoner of routine, a sense of emotional frustration that is highly resonant with most average folk. As a consequence to this state of inertia it gives you lyrical consolation and tuneful encouragement to just get out there and try something new or different, with the help of others. With lyrics like ‘take my hand and follow me’ reminding you that we are simply not alone in this journey of life.

Overall, “Follow Me’ is an inspirational, mellifluous vocal and instrumental composition. The Greedy Souls have not only taken their musical prowess to the next level but have successfully displayed their artistic versatility with this likeable and relatable track. With their seamless ability to churn out something totally unique on each musical outing, The Greedy Souls triumphantly continue their quest to rule.

‘Follow Me’ is out now and I have been relaibly informed that there is more to come with the guys currently back in the studio. Their next big gig is at the Lending Room in Leeds on Friday 19th August forming part of a line up for a special Indi/Rock night. Tickets can be purchased directly from the band by contacting them through their social media pages. If you miss the gig, keep your summer festival eyes wide open, all to be confirmed later.

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