Mosley Bar- Strange Place

Listening to the single ‘Strange Place’ will leave you with very little doubt that Mosley Bar are a band who are certainly going places. Having formed in 2015, ‘Mosley Bar’, which is cheekily based on the mispronunciation of a ‘Muesli Bar’ is made up of Ryan, Matthew, Tim and Adam, two friends from Skelmersdale and two cousins from Wigan. In what appears to be a relatively short time, this quartet has achieved what could only be considered by most contemporary gigging musicians as an astronomical success.

Their debut single ‘Record Sleeve’ received double figure plays on BBC Introducing as well as BBC Radio 6. Subsequently, their second and third singles were resounding successes, with ‘Two Apart’, their third single eventually going on to receive worldwide airplay. Fortunately, this caught the attention of a small Los Angeles based record label who recommended their work to Sony in New York. Unsurprising, Sony loved the single and it has now been put out for potential use in television commercials, shows, films and video games seeking the ideal song.

Their fourth single ‘Strange Places’ which is out now, has already been playlisted in the UK and as far afield as the USA, Canada , Australia and South Africa. It offers the listener something refreshingly groovy and acoustically enthralling. It is catchy, positively edgy and takes the listener on an exciting euphonious journey. This tuneful treat is likely to make the perfect soundtrack to that memorial holiday or perhaps that crazy night out. Therefore, it goes without saying that the star quality of ‘Strange Places’ lies in its ability to invoke memorable experiences for the listener. It is this type of connection between song and listener which Mosley Bar masterfully achieves with ‘Strange Places’ that truly separates the all time classics from the one hit wonders.

‘Strange Places’ as well as all Mosley Bar’s other songs are available to download and stream through all regular streaming sources.

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