Story Slot Auditions

SouthWaves Audio is currently working on an audio drama series called The Story Slot; a podcast focusing on telling traditional stories. Narrated by ‘Hudsons’ Actress Jane Grandle, the aim is to find voice talent to play the parts in between the narration.

Audition Information:

The Three Sillies

Mavis (Young Woman) – Oh Mother, look at that horrid mallet! What if Percy and I were married, and had a son, and we sent him down here to draw the beer when he got old enough, and the mallet fell on his head…it might kill him!

Mrs Farmer (Mature Voice) –   Just look up there at that horrid mallet! What if Percy and Mavis were married, and had a son, and we sent him down here to draw the beer when he got old enough, and the mallet fell on his head…it might kill him!

Mr Farmer (Mature Voice) – Just look at that horrid mallet Percy. What if you and Mavis were married and had a son, and we sent him down here to draw the beer when he was old enough, and the mallet fell on his head. It might kill him!

Percy (Young Voice) – I’ve travelled many, many miles and seen many things, but I’ve never met such big sillies as you three before! I shall start on my way travelling again, and when I find three bigger sillies than you, I shall come back and marry Mavis!

Lady (Open to interpretation) – I want her to go up and eat the grass. She doesn’t realise that she’ll be quite safe. I shall tie a string round her neck, and pass it down the chimney, and keep it tied to my wrist as I go about the house. So she can’t fall off without my knowing about it.

Traveller (Open to interpretation) – Well I’m very much obliged to you. I should never have thought of doing it that way!

The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids

Mother – Dear Children, I have to go into the forest. Be on your guard against the Wolf. If he comes in, he will eat you all. He might disguise himself; but you will know who he is because he has a rough voice and big, dirty feet.

Wolf  (Low and Gruff) – Mother is here children. Open the door. I have presents for all of you from the forest. x2 versions, one with the wolf’s natural voice and one with a disguised voice.

The Happy Family
Father Snail (Open to interpretation) – The manor house has probably fallen to ruin. Or perhaps our burdocks have grown up over it so that they can’t get out. However, there is no rush about it. You are always in such a hurry, and the little one is beginning to be the same. He keeps climbing up the stalks. It gives me a headache to watch him!

Mother Snail (Open to interpretation) – You mustn’t scold him. He creeps so carefully. He gives us so much pleasure; we have nothing else to live for. But have you thought…where shall we get him a wife? Don’t you think perhaps there might be some of our species left in the distance of the burdock forest?

Gnat (Any Male Voice) – We have a wife for him. At a hundred human paces from here there sits a little snail in her house on a gooseberry bush. She is quite lonely, and old enough to be married. It is only a hundred human paces away!

The False Collar

Collar (Mature Male) – Oh! You are certainly a fine dancer, with good long legs like that. How well you stretch them out. It is the most graceful performance I have ever seen. Nobody can dance as well as you.

Garter (Young to Mature Woman) – Don’t come near me! You look just like those men-folks.

Little Red Cap

Mother (Open to Interpretation) – Be good and quiet Little Red Cap. Walk nicely. Make sure that you stay on the path, otherwise you might hurt yourself or fall and spoil Granny’s goodies. And when you get there, be sure to say Good Morning nicely, and don’t mess about and waste time looking around.

Red Cap (Young Gentle Female Voice) – I’ve got some goodies for Grandmother. Yesterday was baking day, so my mother has sent me with some cakes to make Grandmother feel better. She’s not very well you see

Wolf  (Same as The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids)

Grandmother (Elderly Mature Voice) – I am in bed, come straight in Little Red Cap.

Huntsman (Mature Male Voice) – My my, the old lady is snoring mighty loudly today! I know she is under the weather. I think I shall check if she needs anything.

To audition, simply pick the desired part and send an MP3 to, along with a little info about yourself and your equipment. All work is voluntary.

Additional Information:

The closing date is Friday 8th March 2019.

This opportunity is open to participants WORLDWIDE

Talent must have their own recording equipment.

Jamie Dyer

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