Reviving The New Music Hour

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Behind SouthWaves blog. Once again, I have been a little naughty in keeping up with the blog! Once again, I would like to give my sincere apologies, and hope to be better in the future.

As people may have noticed, I decided to bring back the New Music Hour to the list of shows that we produce. The decision to revive it was taken to strengthen our resources for finding and publicizing new music. The success of the music related articles on our website was also a factor. While the show has yet to find a base station, it is already showing signs of being one of our most successful syndicated radio efforts. I have been swamped with emails from acts, all wanting to appear on the show in one form or another.

The show is not new to me though, as it goes back to the start of my radio journey. In 2008, while presenting on Stump Radio (Endeavour FM), I hosted a show dedicated to local music. In those days, it was quite a task to get hold of unsigned music without having contacts somewhere; as it slightly pre-dates the ease of social media searching. I conducted interviews and live sessions in the studio also, my first foray into broadcasting new music.

A few years later, I presented several versions of the New Music Hour on online stations around the world. The last version was trialled last year but was cancelled due to a lack of regular submissions. Judging by the initial reaction on our social media, it doesn’t look like that will happen again. (Touch wood)

The reason I believe this, is because a show of this nature requires a good background to keep going. Our growing reputation in publicizing new music is allowing us to make the most of the material we are sent. I hope that this continues to grow, only time will tell!

To submit to the New Music Hour, send an MP3, image and bio to


University Of Chichester Graduate Jamie has been involved in Media and Broadcasting for over ten years. He is the founder of the SouthWaves brand.

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