How Can I Fall In Love – Jack Woodward

Introducing the talented Jack Woodward. Boasting a rich vocal quality that’s warm and soothing. In an age of obstreperous vocal performances, in his new single ‘How can I fall in Love’ Jack gives us something that is sweetly harmonious and melodic, something that comforts a troubled mind and consoles a broken heart. Inspired by failed relationships and the challenges around finding love ‘How Can I Fall in Love’ is an ingenuously humble yet impactful showcase for his vocal dexterity and lyrical aptitude. The easy listening quality of this track is characterised by Jack’s skilful ability to blend a hint of melancholia, a dose of emotional retrospection and solace in the lyrics and sound of this one song.

This 25 years old from Manchester is no stranger to performing and considering the depth of his musicology does not come from a musical family. He does however have a passion for music and performance which dates back to the age of 6. He started writting songs and performing at open mic events at the age of 16 and throughout his university days, counting fellow singer-songwriters George Ezra, James Bay and John Mayer amongst his musical influences.

Since his early days of performing, Jack has gone on to play countless festivals and shows, both as a solo act as well as with his backing band. The pinnacle of his performing experience came in the form of winning a national competition, which resulted in him performing on the X factor Live Tour in Brighton to a crowd of over 4000 people.

At present, Jack has released an unofficial 11 track cd which is available for purchase at all his live shows. With no immediate plans to release an album, he is instead working on a new EP with ‘How Can I Fall in Love’ as the lead track. Needless to say, it’s mind boggling how someone with Jack’s experience and virtuousity is still gigging as an unsigned artist. Perhaps, this might be the reason why as a listener you get a sense of an uncompromising artistic integrity in what he has to offer, a quality lacking in many up and coming atrtists today. With Jack, what you hear comes across as very real and unrefined, something which gives the listener a great sense of connectivity to the sound. After all, unrefined gems usually hold great power.

Music Video For How Can I Fall In Love
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