Quorum – Longer

The South West have brought us a few musical delights recent years and with the arrival of Quorum on to the scene , it sure looks like a trend that’s set to continue. Coming straight out of Exeter, this four piece indie rock band gives out a sound which feels comfortably familiar to the listener yet at the same time possessing a unique self branded quality which allows it to stand out.

Made up of brothers Jake and Mack along with friends Jordan and Noah, Qourum was formed in 2016. Although relatively new, they’ve built up solid gigging repotoir, most notably playing Chagstock festival in 2018. The band cite their musical influences as being on a broad spectrum ranging from the early offerings of the Arctic Monkeys to the SWMRS and Neck Deep. Describing their music as a “fusion of the millennial rock sound with a contemporary indie punk vibe” they have now released their new single ‘Longer’.

In short, ‘Longer’ is tale about jealousy, the type that arises from witnessing a fairly recent ex lover with someone new. Needless to say, this is a human experience that will resonate with pretty much most average Joe’s. Artistically, ‘Longer’ can be best described as a musical masterpiece. It’s uptempo yet unusually melodic, excitedly wild and is quite simply a track that encourages you to just get up and go nuts on the dance floor. It has a timeless nature that has broad appeal and for some reason a sound which you could envision being the perfect soundtrack to a television commercial, for a luxury car .. perhaps.

What Quorum have to offer is something positively idiosyncratic, rambunctuous and quite frankly, brilliant. The good news is that ‘Longer’ appears to be merely offerred as a starter with the main course being served up in the form of their three track EP ‘Art is Dead’ due to be released in April. If ‘Longer’ is anything to go by, then there surely is bound to be swathes of fun loving music revellers starving for more. This is certainly a dish that won’t be served cold.

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