Cameron Sanderson – Cascade

21-year-old North London singer-songwriter Cameron Sanderson follows up his EP This Cold Hour with a new song called ‘Cascade’. Having recently dropped a stripped-down cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s ‘Medicine’ on to youtube it’s now time for his next proper release. 

Unfortunately, this one does not bring joy. As seems to be the flavour of contemporary production techniques, an unnatural vocal clipped to within an inch of its life is just the icing on a rather unsavoury cake.  The song is competent but there are hundreds of competent songwriters currently assaulting our ears and as the art of songcraft becomes increasingly diluted by technology and trickery, it is important to stand out.  Some can succeed by writing great songs, others by creating soundscapes that are irresistible, see Moses Sumney.  Unfortunately, this does neither. 

If you come here looking for the promised staccato guitars and hip hop beat you will be disappointed.  It’s pithy synth pop blandness meanders along without offense or interest.  I find I don’t really care at all about Cameron’s melancholy because he’s lost me in the translation.

Cascade by Cameron Sanderson is available now!
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