Petites Annonces

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to Petites Annonces.

How did you form?

When I moved in the UK (about 18 years ago), I put some ads in music shops and one local magazine.

How would you describe your music?

As a musical journey through the sounds of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club de France, bringing to the audience the feel of Paris in the 20’s/40’s. This is Gypsy Jazz.

Where did your name come from?

From how we met, “Petites Annonces” stands for small ads (classified ads).

What are your gigs like?

Awesome of course !! More seriously, usually 2 sets of 50/60 mins, where we aim to immerse our audience in that “between war Parisian feel”, through the music of course but also with some small stories either about Django or the tune itself.

Do you have any recordings out there?

Yes, we recorded 5 albums so far, all available at

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