Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to the band, Denzeity.

How did you form?

Denzeity was formed by Simon who was told by a music industry promoter that a live band was needed to get his style of music heard. The band grew and changed fairly constantly over several months until a solid group of really good players was formed.

How would you describe your music?

Modern prog rock to dance, groove and can be melancholic too.

How did you come up with ‘History’?

Simon: “It started as the main riff in my head and grew into the finished music once I started playing it out loud. The lyrics came pretty much as a stream of consciousness and bore an abstract resemblance to a situation I was in with a girl at the time.”

Have you an album coming up?

We’re recording an EP at the moment to drop around April/ May. We have plenty of material so hopefully we’ll start working on something a bit longer later in the year.

What are your live gigs like?

Energetic – everyone says that afterwards. But we want to make sure we convey the music really well in addition to putting on a show for the audience.

Music Video For History
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