Notorious Lightbulbs

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to eclectic band Notorious Lightbulbs.

How did you form?

It was amidst a scattering of whiskey and wine, we lay listening to Captain Beefheart. Amazed by his multi-genre talent and perseverance, we formed the genre-defying sound that is ‘The Notorious Lightbulbs’ and wrote our first song, Sicadilly Pircus‘.

How would you describe your music?

An eclectic mix of music that you can dance to, freak out to and strut your stuff to!

Where did your name come from?

We set up a creative group named ‘The Notorious Lightbulb Factory’ that wrote music for low budget horror movies. After acquiring a collection of synthesisers including a Moog Sub37 we knew we needed to branch out and unleash The Notorious Lightbulbs on the world! We have also both got a strange fascination with lightbulbs so the name seemed quite apt.

Tell us about your latest release…

We have just released our debut EP ‘Captain Mechanical‘ to all online music services. It is an eclectic mix of alternative rock, dance, punk, psychedelia and electro and has been described as an ‘amazing, wacky journey ‘. If you decide to check it out, feel free to let us know what you think a Mountweazel is!

What are your live gigs like?


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