Coming to Devonshire Park Theatre: Trial By Laughter

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman’s new play Trial by Laughter comes to Eastbourne from Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th March 2019.

The Private Eye editor and Have I Got News for You captain Ian and satirical cartoonist Nick, have taken inspiration from real-life events for their new historical drama, which the pair have described as a “courtroom thriller with jokes”; think The Madness of King George meets A Few Good Men meets Crown Court!

The play celebrates William Hone, the forgotten hero of free speech. Nick says he was an “amazing man – a complete nobody really who took on the might of the government in a landmark case”. Ian adds: “It’s incredible. He had his moment when history beckoned and then fell into obscurity, to our shame really.”. This new play, adapted from their original radio play, will right this wrong and return the spotlight to one of the first freedom fighters of his age!

Trial By Laughter will be at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne,   from Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th March 2019. For more information      and tickets, please visit the Eastbourne Theatres website.


University Of Chichester Graduate Jamie has been involved in Media and Broadcasting for over ten years. He is the founder of the SouthWaves brand.

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