The Greedy Souls- We Will Rule

Listening to the single ‘We Will Rule’ almost immediately transport the most imaginative of listeners a raucous Oasis gig. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that ‘The Greedy Souls’ cite Oasis as one of their musical influences. However, despite this the The Greedy Souls bring their own uniqueness to the rock and roll musical table. What they have to offer is something strong, sprightly and infectious.

The Greedy Souls are a West Yorkshire based foursome, made up of Aaron(vocals), Jack(drums), Jamie(guitar) and Josh (bass). These guys have sound musical expertise having all being apart of a previous band. After some thought, they decided it was time for a change, so they rebranded with a new name and tunes. The name ‘The Greedy Souls’ is inspired by the Liam Gallagher track ‘Greedy Soul’ off the album ‘As You Were’.The name came about after they all attended a Liam Galllager concert last year.

Oasis aside, there musical influences are broad, ranging from Richard Ashcroft, Steroephonics to Foo Fighter and Queen to mention but a few. The single ‘We Will Rule’ is their first release since their rebrand and is both positively edgy and catchy. They say the single is about past overcoming disappointments as the title itself ‘We Will rule’ Speaks of a determination to make an impact on the music scene and get people to listen. With this track they are likely to get people up onto their feet and do more than just listen.

Unsurprising, The Greedy Souls have big future plans. They are currently working on loads more new material and say that listeners can expect a range of styles and sounds as they really want to express their musical diversity. With recording studio time already booked for Spring this year, they will be spending the rest of their time honing their building on thier carelly laid out artistic foundation through gigs and hopefully festival too. The plan is simple, to be big, no if’s no but’s .

With this level of skill, strong sense of artistic purpose, perseverance and drive, there’s no reason why ‘The Greedy Souls’ wont actually rule.

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