Mint – Alice Merton | Album Review

German-Canadian songwriter Alice Merton follows up from her punchy and sassy first single ‘No Roots’. The single gained her fans all across the world with it being released in 2017. With the full album now finally released with high expectations, it certainly delivers.

From the offset, the opening track ‘Learn to Live’ is fuelled with striking yet danceable percussion. This being combined with ambient synths and lush harmonies in the chorus sections leaves me wanting more. The slick bass lines and cutting-edge production also continues throughout the whole album. This can be seen especially on tracks ‘Trouble in Paradise’ and ‘Funny Business’, which the latter of these explores themes of relationships (which is frequent in the record).

The album overall shows a very positive start to the German-Canadian songwriter, and I will look forward to hearing more from her in the future for sure.

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