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Velvet Insane are a rock band band from Östersund, Sweden.

Biography (In Their Own Words)

VELVET INSANE is a rock band from north of Sweden centred around Jesper Lindgren and Jonas Eriksson.

In 2013, Velvet Insane rose from the ashes of Jesper Lindgren’s short-lived band called PURE FAITH. One of the guys Jesper brought to Velvet Insane was a new friend at that time, Jonas Eriksson (then drums, now vocals) and in the moment when they struck their first chords together, it became clear to them that something special was born. 

After the first gig together with Velvet Insane (which took place at a tavern in Östersund), they discovered that Jonas could not only play the drums, he was also an incredibly good and charismatic singer. Jonas first performance as the band’s lead singer was at a charity event called ”Stjärnfall” in Östersund.

Words of the band quickly spread among Swedish rock fans and after Stjärnfall, they started recording some demos to see if they could capture the electric energy that bonded the band together on stage. At that point they came in contact with writer Sven Mörén for swedish “Rocknytt” magazine, who wanted to do a story about Velvet Insane. 

2014 began with a tour in the north of Sweden and high-profile gigs in Falun and Stockholm. More songs were written, more demos were recorded and in april they went into ESTA studios in Stockholm and recorded their first EP, which was released in May 2014. 

After some lineup changes they recruited two new members to the band, Tobias Reimbertsson (drums) and Niklas Henriksson (bass). 

With a new lineup and a new lease of life, they went down to Stockholm again and recorded their official debut EP “Youth on Fire” which was released worldwide on October 25th 2014.

The release of the EP sparked an enormous interest in the band as fans, promoters and record companies caught wind of what they were doing from their Swedish base and they finished 2014 with their eyes firmly on the year ahead. An upcoming tour in Australia was about to be made and the dreams about making and playing music started to get real.
After some touring in Japan and UK, in the late 2015, the band went to the studio in August 2016 to start the recording of their self-titled debut album and shortly after the recording was completed, the band went on a tour that took them to Spain and the United States. 

In the beginning of 2017 they started a great radio campaign in the US and Canada, a campaign that once proved that Velvet Insane were ready to bring even more of their Swedish rock music to the world.

After nearly four years rocking together, Niklas and Tobias decided to quit the band and when that happened, Jesper and Jonas took some new steps into a new era when they decided to continue as a duo.

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