Cathy Ollete


Cathy Ollete is an artist from from the Philippines.

Biography (In Their Own Words)

Catherine Bena “Cathy” Tindugan Ollete is a young singer, dancer, songwriter, instrumentalist, choreographer, performer, journalist, and a licensed civil engineer.

She started singing & dancing at the age of two. She has been deeply involved in music, performing arts, and writings since then. Recitals, school performances, and outside school contests served as her training grounds. Now, as a budding artist, she gradually pursues the industry. With regards to her performing style, she exemplifies eccentricity being wholesomely playful with recognizable usage of her vocal vibrato and shuffling feet. Her genres include: Pop, R&B, Soul, Blues, Funk, Rock, New Wave, and Classical.

She has not yet imparted her originally written songs to the general public, but has already shared her ability as a composer for a couple of collaborative songs with other talents. As a help for her training, she has been sharing her song covers on social media.

Recently, she released her first EP, entitled “RENDITIONS” that contains her covers of her 5 chosen favorite songs, originally by the artists who somewhat influenced her to pursue music. You can buy it from iTunes and her website, and listen on Spotify.

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