Check It Out: Savage Underdogs

Introducing: Savage Underdogs is an Alternate Rock band from Bournemouth

Bio: With a clean and classic line up of two guitars, bass and drums, the band hails from Bournemouth and has been gigging original material all around the south coast and further afield for the last two years. Matt, Greg, Ben and Pete are dedicated to their songs and their sound and are both passionate and humble when bringing shows to life in front of an audience.

2018 has seen the release of a 12 track debut album, ‘California 99’. Recorded and produced in the west of England, the album smashes together the band’s Americana influences and storytelling with a defining backbone of hard punk. A heady mixture of styles make themselves felt through the prism of that sound – think Springsteen vs. Social Distortion, or Cash vs. New Model Army and you’ll realise you’re on to a band that can’t be easily categorised, simply because they’re bringing something truly original.

Watch Savage Underdogs’ video for California 99 below:


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