Check It Out: InAir

Introducing: InAir is an Alt-Rock band from Reading

Bio in their own words: InAir are an Alt Rock three piece from the South of England. As a band we have a passion for contrasting sparkling cleans with atmospheric synths; Typically backed up by a driven climactic chorus and drawing from a wide range of influences, our alternative electronic rock sound is ever-shifting and evolving by its very nature. We released our debut 3 track single ‘Meant to Be’ in 2016 and our EP “A Different Light” in 2017, with three shows to celebrate this at in Reading; Nambucca and Suburbia. Live highlights to date include supporting bands such as: Arcane Roots, Chasing Cadence + Junior, the Death Remains/Bleed Again tour, the Core Of Io/Vrona tour, Dronningen, Echoic, Elasea, Greyhaven, Heel, Little Mammoths, Toffees and Reading’s own Veridian.

Watch InAir’s video from their spring tour below:

Note: *this video carries an epilepsy warning*


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