Check It Out: Galangas

Introducing: Galangas is a World Beat group based in Brighton

Bio: Fusing world music rhythms, psych-pop sounds and surf guitar tones, Galangas are a 4 piece from Brighton formed via Northampton and Madrid. It’s difficult to fit the band neatly into an established genre, likely down to the numerous influences at work on each of the band’s members.

From Nigerian Funk & Middle Eastern Psychedelia to Californian Surf Pop & UK Indie, they funnel this into something irresistibly groovy and melodically ear-catching.

Galangas are a band whose music is ever evolving and you really need to experience them first hand to appreciate the many influences at work here.

Ruben (vocals & guitar) formed the band when he reunited with two college friends, Martyn (drums & percussion) and Nicholas (guitar) after approaching them with a demo recorded out of his flat in Brighton. The band’s 4th member Jorge (bass) joined the group following the completion of their self-titled EP which they are now currently releasing.

Watch Galangas’ video for ‘Me, Myself and I’ below


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