Review: Caaw

Around 2 years ago Matt Clark started writing and recording in his home studio having to fill in samples that he wasn’t able to play himself. Heavily influenced by a Tom Waits kind of sound, something reminiscent of an old-school American jazz lounge he found it challenging to create the desired sound through sampling alone. Therefore, upon moving to Brighton about a year ago he decided to place an ad on Facebook for a musicians group with delightful results, much like all the perfect ingredients of a tasty, rich cake coming together with the response of 3 other musicians (Mark, Andy, and Jules), prophetically culminating in the formation of Caaw.

With diverse range musical influences ranging from East European Gypsy music, African tribal music, New Orleans funeral jazz to Avant Garde jazz, Caaw describes their sound as a fusion of Tom Waites, Captain Beefheart, New Orleans jazz and New York Wave, the latter being a momentary punk movement from the late 70s and early 80s. This hotchpotch of musical styles, ideas and a willful attitude to experimentation is what gives Caaw their true shine, this unique attribute is undoubtedly their ticket to success. All of which produces a unique blend of sound which is likely to captivate any listener. Although initially, one would assume that this eccentric and mature sound is more for the adult contemporary music listener, a live set by Caaw would most certainly garner the appreciation of music lovers of any age.

Having already started building a bit of a fan base thanks to playing support gigs for the likes of The Urban Voodoo Machine and JD Wilkes. They have now just released their  EP “The Emperor Of San Fransico” and despite it being early days for Caaw they already have a second EP in the pipeline as well as a forthcoming tour to promote it. In addition to this there are whispers of a European tour next years and an album. Watch this space.

Caaw’s EP “The Emperor of San Fransico” is available now. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates.


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