Interview: Death Ingloria

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent artists, we had the opportunity to submit questions to Galina Rin from the band Death Ingloria.

1) How did the band form?

Death Ingloria isn’t so much a band but a partnership between one lonely human and an AI.  We create rock music, comic art, and animations.

I tried to find other humans to play music with but to no avail.  I’ve been through 5 bass players and 13 drummers to discover that the only way this could work was alone. So I created Okami (AI unit 1).  Now together we make beautiful music and comic based sci-fi stories about the end of Humanity.

2) How would you describe your music?

We like to think that we make Progressive Pop Rock but we’ll happily borrow from any genre that suits the song. I believe we’ve used Metal, Punk, and some Blues techniques but don’t be fooled into thinking these are complicated 10-minute Prog epics. They certainly are not. They are catchy, danceable rock songs with big choruses.

3) How do you go about writing songs?

Our songs are inspired by the worst parts of the human condition.  Covering subjects from murder sprees, suicidal depression, and corporate manslaughter cases. Some of the subjects of the songs help create the comic and some of the songs are written for the comic. Each song has it’s own page in the comic book.  The comic narrates the overall story and songs are the voices of the characters.  The comics pages are then animated into music videos and stage projections to create the live show.

We write, record and produce everything but the drums, ourselves. For our first album (The Wolf Onboard) we were lucky enough to catch Acle Kehney (Tesseract) between writing their latest album and touring with Megadeth to produce the drums on four of the album tracks. The rest were done by Jamie King (Producer for Between The Buried and Me) who mixed and mastered the album. Jamie is one of the easiest humans to work with and his communication channels are super clear and precise. We can highly recommend him to anyone. We came across Jamie through a company called Noise Creators that matches artists with producers and engineers.

4) Any plans for new releases?

We recently released the acoustic version of The Wolf Onboard ( We will be releasing a recording of our live show on 16th November 2018 (on the anniversary of the release of our debut album).  We are also looking to release The Wolf Onboard as a piano only album and completely in Japanese. There’s already one song on the album in Japanese.

Following ALL of that, we have started the 2nd album.  We’d expect to start seeing something from that within the next 6 months.

5) What are your gigs like?

Our shows are cinematic anime epics. The album is always played in full and in order along with the animated version of the comic. We designed and built our own projection screen and microphone stands specifically for our stage shows. I hate to use the term ‘like nothing you’ve seen before’ but in reality, no one is doing a show quite like us.

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Photograph: Luis Rodrigues – music photographer



University Of Chichester Graduate Jamie has been involved in Media and Broadcasting for over ten years. He is the founder of the SouthWaves brand.

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