Behind SouthWaves – 05-10-2018

Hello and welcome to another edition of Behind SouthWaves, it has certainly been a while! There have been so many projects going on, that I have been unable to find the energy to post something, I really must do better.

I would like to take this moment to congratulate the University Of Chichester on the recent opening of their Tech Park in Bognor Regis; involving a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As an alumnus of the university, I cannot express how much it makes me proud to see such a large amount of positivity. I must also say that the new facilities look incredible, it definitely wasn’t like that in my day! While I am a little envious of current students, I hope that I can develop a closer bond with the university, now that the certain departments are based in Bognor. There are certainly a lot of projects on the go currently, which I hope will grow in support.

The Hudsons

I have been busy recording, producing, marketing and distributing our new audio drama series, which has received some positive attention since it debuted last month. We are still refining our methods, but there have been very few hiccups in production. Jane Grandle and I have been planning future episodes, and hope to carry it on for some time. Our concept has been ‘sweat the small stuff’, something which seems to be an endless mill of possibility!

In the new year, I hope to widen the world by introducing new characters; leading to a greater potential for stories and subjects. This will involve finding actors to take on new roles, which is easier said than done. I would like to make it known that I will be looking for West Sussex based actors, as I want to give opportunities to local people.

None of the roles will be paid, but I can see a huge potential for expansion and audience growth. It is hoped that The Hudsons will transform into a soap opera podcast, opening up a new avenue of possibilities.

SouthWaves Theatre

Our podcast, focusing on theatre and performing arts in West Sussex, is still in the early stages as a show; but we have received nice figures from the first episode. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ballet dancer Shannon Parker, who came on the show to talk about her role in the new Chantry Dance Company production: Dracula – Welcome To D’s.

I hope to build up the show over the next few weeks, growing our network to gain further opportunities for interviews. If anyone is interested in participating in this podcast, they can email


Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope to see you on the next one!


University Of Chichester Graduate Jamie has been involved in Media and Broadcasting for over ten years. He is the founder of the SouthWaves brand.

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