Interview: Mr E Bear

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to Mr E Bear.

1) How did you start in music?

I started in music around thirteen. I basically failed learning a bunch of instruments before guitar (piano, harmonica etc) but I kept asking for a guitar and eventually, on my thirteenth birthday I got a beginner acoustic guitar. After playing myself for a bit I got into bands with other kids at school – and most folks didn’t learn their parts or learn the songs all the way through so a way around that was to write our own songs and that’s been it ever since – tons of stuff has changed and continues to; but I always have my guitar.

2) How did you come up with your name?

A manager I had (shout out to Mike Dolman – best manager ever) saw me come into work one morning around 8 am – I’d been up all night making music, not sleeping, drinking rum and I must’ve looked awful. I also had a beard for the first time and he mentioned I looked like a sloth bear he had seen on a documentary the night before. He called me Ted, but y’know, can’t use that name – “T Bear” was how I started signing stuff in work because it’s the only nickname I’ve had that I’ve ever liked – again, “Mr T” was taken (pity the fool who doesn’t know that) so I thought, Mr E Bear. Mystery bear. Initially, I was gonna make a big bear mask and play all my songs with it on so people would focus on the songs and not me – but mask-making isn’t a skill I have – so yeah from that to now we get Mr E Bear.

3) How would you describe your music?

Honest pop. It’s not always roses; but it’s real. “Perfect by Design” which was out July 13th this year sort of shows that I think – it’s quite a jaunty tune; but the lyrics aren’t standard for that sorta song – the bridge being the best example I’d say – bit heavier for your normal pop song I guess.

4) Any upcoming releases?

There’s a minimum of two more releases this year, if not more (money depending) – one of these should be around the start of October and the other one probably during December – depending on the response I may delay the December one. In between times it’s doing the site, the shows, the writing, the recording etc – even when nothing appears online I’m usually up to something, but yeah the October release I’m excited about – it’s heavier than “Perfect by Design” and has lots of fuzzy guitar.

5) What are your gigs like?

Gig wise I like to give an experience. I want you to sing along; clap your hands – and I’ll ask you to. I like to get people involved and I want people to put their phones down and interact. It makes it better for everyone involved. I also like to throw the odd cover in there – I did a Little Mix track not too long ago. I like to shake people a bit; scare em – wake them up.

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