Coming to The Hawth: The Three Degrees

The female vocal group The Three Degrees are coming to Crawley this October, showcasing all of the major trademarks that made them huge stars from the 1970s onwards. Including the huge hit ‘When Will I See You Again;, they have amassed an impressive list of hit records. Today, the line-up consists of Valerie Holiday, Helen Scott and Freddie Pool, who will be taking to The Hawth stage on Wednesday 10 October, 7.30pm.

The beginning of the group dates back more than 4 decades, when their then-manager, the enigmatic Richard Barrett brought three teenagers together in Philadelphia. After a couple of years of constant rehearsing and local record hops, the group made its first mark on the recording scene.

Ever since they have been constantly touring all over the world, occasionally recording but always working. Their hard work in the early years has held them in good stead for today’s more demanding audiences. “For us, it is still exciting and we still enjoy our work,” Valerie points out. “We are blessed with a wide age group appeal….from fifteen to sixty-five. This is why we have survived, I think. We learned and were taught how to entertain and even before we had hit records, we knew how to do our job — our choreography, our costumes, the lights…these were all things that we learned at an early age.”

So it is that after more than four decades of existence, the Three Degrees can still make the claim as being the longest running female vocal group in history….see the Guinness Book of Records for confirmation of this fact! And they show no signs of slowing down!

The Three Degrees will be at The Hawth, Crawley on Wednesday the 10th of October 2018. For more information on tickets, please see the theatre website.


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