Single Review: Screams From The Sun – Night Dream

Every now and then a unique musical style merges perfectly with an idiosyncratic image creating something that’s purely magical but hard to articulate in words. This is often considered the definition of the x-factor in the world of entertainment and it most certainly applies to this London based duo. Just over a year ago, Francis was busking on Bond Street in central London and Mimi happened to be passing by and the rest, as they say, is history, together this dynamic duo presents to you Screams from the Sun and their self-composed debut single Night Dream.

Drawing inspiration from bands like The Cure, The Police and Simple Minds, they describe their sound as alternative rock/pop. The single is a catchy arrangement which makes for pretty easy listening. It is at times very reminiscent of the sounds of their musical influences yet unique as the use of different frequencies of sound coupled with the use of multiple instruments allows you to forget that this is still a duo and not a five-piece band.  With that acknowledgment, even the most discerning listener would have to recognize their exceptional artistry. Night Dream has a certain resonance about it and conjures up feelings of a memorial summer holiday, past glory or even a lost love, depending on what headspace you are in. Despite having a very mature feel about it, Night Dream carries a level of comfort, which gives it a broader appeal beyond just the alternative rock/pop fraternity and would make a perfect soundtrack to a Hollywood blockbuster.

Accompanying the release of the single is Night Dream the video, which is currently available to view on YouTube. The video is representative of the creation of the single and demonstrates how they work as a team. Francis initiates the idea on the acoustic guitar followed by Mimi with the instrumental arrangement, culminating in the addition of the melody and the lyrics. That, in a nutshell, is how the magic happens and one can’t help but applaud the originality of their process.

Screams From the Sun’s ‘Night Dream’ is available now on Spotify.

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