Interview: Mandola Hangover

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to band Mandola Hangover.

1) How Did The Band Form?

Mandola Hangover officially formed in 2013. Initially singer-songwriter Paul Ridgeway was performing at open mic nights and that’s where he met Lee Fletcher the Drummer. They jammed together for a while then recruited bass player Graham Geddes then not too long after that Pablo Rinvolucri on Lead guitar joined to make the band complete.

2) How Would You Describe Your Music?

Paul Ridgeway has a long list of unique original songs that he brings to the practices so it varies a lot. There are slow songs and more upbeat numbers to which the band jam around ideas and try to fit what suits the songs best. For a genre, I’d say rock generally but Alternative too but you could also class it as world music due to the Mandola I suppose. It’s hard to define. What would you say?

3) How Did You Come Up With The Name?

It was Paul’s wife’s suggestion. The rest of the band liked it. So it stuck. Then we got the Mandola Hangover logo designed and that was that.

4) Have You Released Any New Music Recently?

We just got the new cd mixed and mastered at the Vic Studios in Wrexham last month.  That has four new songs on it. But we have more to record to collaborate on to a full album. We’ve got plenty more songs on previous EP’s, YouTube and SoundCloud but not put out a full album yet. We’re planning an album launch soon. We’ll let you know when that is on our Facebook page.

5) What Are Your Gigs Like?

Gigs are fun! The more gigs the better I say, this year has been quite quiet gig wise with more studio work but we’re looking to get back on track next year. We’ve got Brymbo Rock festival coming up at the end of September which always attracts a big crowd. Past years we’ve played a majority of festivals around North Wales and over the Border in England including Wigan Live, GraigAid, Gigfest, Loggfest, Rock on the Range, numerous pub gigs and more.  We did one gig at a motorcycle event outside Wrexham that Carl Fogarty made an appearance at, that was cool.
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