Single Review: Logan B3- I.L.U

Introducing “Logan B3”, yes are reading this correctly, that’s is his name. Initial thought is that is a weird name but take yourself back to the mid to late 90s when the names Beyoncé, Neyo, and Sisqo sounded strange. Now you may be wondering where this is all going, well, quite simply put, in the distance future this is a name that is going to sound so familiar as it will have a prime position in our contemporary musical vocabulary, much like the names mentioned above. Just remember, you heard it here first.

Born Bryant Rodger in Memphis Tennessee, Logan B3 sets the R&B / Hip-hop scene alight with his debut single I.L.U. This is a catchy, funky summer jam that has hit written all over it and is destined to be a classic dance floor filler in clubs everywhere. This is the first single he has released and if I.L.U is anything to go by, then a future album is likely to be a real treat for R&B/hip-hop fans the world over. At present Logan remains tightly lipped about a future album so R&B/hip-hop lovers will have to wait patiently with baited breath. Instead, he is currently working on an EP LP entitled the Quincy West Project and describes it as being like nothing we are currently hearing in the world of popular music.

This multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer describes the single I.L.U as being about the intense feeling of being in love. It is self-written and took four months to complete and is about a period in his life which saw him blissfully lost in the depths of love with someone and the intensity of the feelings that emanating for that experience, despite the fact that they are no longer together. A subject many of us can certainly relate to. Either way, interpret the lyrics as you wish but most importantly, get your dance shoes on as this up-tempo smash hit in the making is bound to get some bounce back into your step and some shake back into those hips,  just in time for the summer.

On a final note, Logan B3 will be donating a share of the profits from this single to National Alliance on Mental Health , a cause close to his heart.

Logan B3’s debut single I.L.U is available now on all digital platforms.

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