Album Review: Georgia Fearn – Perfect on Paper

Georgia Fearn introduces herself onto the music scene with a bit of a bang. This still unsigned 17-year-old from Carmarthen in Wales takes you on a 12 track acoustic journey that incites a range of emotions along the way, at times blissful and introspective to melancholic and impassioned. Needless to say, this is easy listening.

Georgia Fearn’s ‘Perfect on Paper‘ can best be described as indie/fol, however, it is hard to ignore the influences of a broad range of musical genres in the rich quality of the voice of this multi-instrumentalist. The title track ‘Perfect on Paper’ is a sassy fusion of folk meets light rock while ‘Master of Jazz’ will have your feet tapping to its funky beat. One can’t help but feel that Georgia is trying to tell you a story through this musical voyage. And storytelling she certainly does well, which is evident in the catchy lead single ‘L’Amour, a tale of the destructive nature of drunken love which captures a sort of ageless wisdom quite beautifully, at this point one needs to be reminded that this is still a 17-year-old. Nevertheless, Georgia’s maturity shines through in her ability to write and sing about natural human experiences beyond her years.

As with all albums, the highlight is always subjective , for me , it would have to be track two on the album ‘Catch me if you can’ a melodic tale of personal liberation, well that’s my interpretation anyway. If I had to categorise this album I’d say an abundant amalgamation of folk, rock, indie, blues, swing and jazz to name but a few with Georgia’s voice being characteristically reminiscent of a combination of April Lavigne, Martha Wainwright and at times a bit Suzanne Vega. As a result, making it impossible to make a direct comparison with anyone out there at the moment. If this kind of sound brings sheer delight to your senses then this unpolished rough diamond is just for you.

Georgia Fearn’s debut album Perfect on Paper is available for purchase in iTunes / Amazon and klicktrack



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