INTERVIEW: The Nigel Purcell Trio

Continuing our series of interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the chance to submit questions to Andrew Purcell pp Nigel Ratcliffe aka The Nigel Purcell Trio.

1) How did your music begin?

I met Nigel around 1975 or so. He bought a guitar and I already had one..then we started writing and being bands and we’ve been doing that jointly or separately since 1977.

2) How would you describe your music?

Our music is very eclectic….we’ve done silly stuff like “Cyanide” to full in your face stuff like “Human Destruction” and on this EP “Elvis lives revisited” has elements of mid-90s bass laden rave in it.

3) Knowing your setup, how did you go about recording your EP

We have a very simple set up called “The creation factory” aka my back bedroom. It’s really simple. Laptop, a small mixer, as I like to be tactile. A presonus USB interface. My old valve amp and a practice amp. Midi keyboard and a couple of mics. Simple monitoring system and several guitars we own, 12 and 6 string acoustics, a bass and four or more electrics and that’s it really.
DAWs, Ableton mainly, presonus less so. Even stuff in audacity or fruity loops gets used if required.
We work fast in blocks of three hours when we meet up..we also work on the tracks individually too.
When the tracks finished we send it to Steve Roberts in Florida for mastering.

4) Have you any further plans for the future?

To keep recording and releasing stuff. Little and often will be the way forward. We’d like to do a stripped-down release just one or two guitars or one guitar and another instrument +/- vocals..the drums keep getting in the way lol.

5) What are your gigs like?

The trio doesn’t gig. Nigel plays live and runs open mics. I used to be in a punk/indie cover called “The Condition”. We were very good too. It would be nice to play live But we’d have to decide how and with who? As I said we’re very eclectic so we’d have a choose a set that fits the band.
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