Interview: Kiara Yorke

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the pleasure of submitting questions to artist Kiara Yorke.

1) How did you begin in music?

I started singing when I was 13, in school shows and plays. Voice was my first instrument, followed shortly by guitar and piano. My background is in jazz, as all of my music teachers considered it as the climax of good music. I have gladly accepted this influence and applied it to my own work. I used to play jazz and soul songs on guitar, but I recently have changed my direction and jumped into the wild world of electronics. I have been taking some drum lessons, as a deeper understanding of rhythm would help me in producing this kind of music.

2) How would you describe your music?

I am composing electronic music, with R&B, soul and dance influences.
The main features of my sound are the catchy melodies and grooves that make you want to move your head. Imagine my songs as a trippy journey where rhythm is the spaceship that goes through sections of smooth and edgy sounds, that alternate each other and keep the energy moving. It reminds of Hot Chip and Post Malone.

3) How do you go about composing music?

I produce and perform my music on a launchpad. I start creating a rhythm on it and adding the melodies on top of that. These could be random ones that popped into my head on sleepless nights – or when I’m just about to sleep, and I will have to get up to record them- and sound nice together. I shamelessly admit that the lyrics are the last component in my writing process.
I will pick a theme and get a few sentences who are related to it – or not. What I am trying to achieve is a vibe, an atmosphere, and I am not necessarily aiming to tell a story. As long as the listener will experience a new sensation, and get caught in my song, I am happy.

4) What are your live gigs like?

I am glad to see that the public is usually positively surprised about my setup. I perform with some controllers connected to my laptop and basically do live mixing while singing on my tracks. There is an atmospheric element to my performances that can be either valued or killed by the venue’s speakers. The energy is given by the kick drum and bass sounds of my production, and overall people have the sensation of a mini club being performing live for them.

5) Have you any releases coming?

My first Ep is going to be released after the summer. It is a mix of dance, RnB, and hip-hop tracks, and talks about dealing with past ghosts and fiercely overcoming them. I have tried to express my energy and overall “chill” when dealing with life, and hopefully, this is what my listeners will get when listening to it. I am excited to present my first complete production to the world.
Hope you enjoy!

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