Wiley – Godfather II – Album Review

Following up from his critically-acclaimed 2017 album, ‘Godfather’, East London MC and more recently labeled MBE Wiley (real name Richard Cowie Jr.) is back with Godfather II. a release that has been built up in the UK grime scene for some time. Due to the first of the sequel having a wealth of hard-hitting beats and bars, it proved just how high in regard Wiley is to not just urban music but UK music as a whole. With the follow-up, it should be in still high respect although it’s not that much of a step up from the first record.

The album is with ever-present haunting yet captivating melodies associated with the movement of grime don’t get me wrong, with the second track ‘Been A While’ showing this superbly. With high praise of the chilling instrumentation, the pace of the verses of this track as with other tracks such as ‘I Call The Shots’ featuring other prominent grime artist JME doesn’t seem to match with the bar set by the first record. This continues throughout, with other tracks seeming to be produced with a completely different mindset. The collaborations, such as JME as already mentioned, also don’t seem to be with that much of a given impact compared to the collaborations of album number one like MC’s such as Devlin and Frisco.

The record overall seems to be going in a different direction too, although it still is an acceptable track listing. The start of the record feels like it could be of the standard of ‘Godfather’, but overall it doesn’t seem like the heir to the latter.

Wiley’s Godfather II can be purchased from Amazon.

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