Feature Artist Review: Mikeey

Mikeey is a prolific songwriter from Oxford, with a wide repertoire of singles and EP on an extremely professionally produced website. The marketing, whether it be by Mikey himself, or a professional agency, is superb – brilliantly produced artwork, well-crafted shots of a good-looking young star in shades and cool jackets. Free downloads and streaming of his music is easily accessed. But I guess my mother was right – you get what you pay for. Despite Mikey’s evident understanding of a range of genres, and doubtless plenty of musical and engineering ability, his music is pretty tough going. Vogon poetry. Beethoven to Alex. Barry Manilow to those poor unfortunate youths who were forced to listen to several hours worthwhile in a Latin American jail as a punishment. You could really upset people by playing them songs such as Spent My Summer Getting Clean, Tired of Singin’ the Blues (who is, exactly Mikey?), and Winter (‘…blue skies, it must be Christmas time, under the tree, you don’t know what it means to me…’). Programming and recording skills are evident, but the songwriting is just too weak, and as for the singing…

His friends and family obviously love him so much that none of them have had the heart to tell him the plain truth: despite a reasonable timbre to his voice, he has no control over intonation, timing or pitch. For brief, glorious (to him) moments, he hits a properly pitched note, then tries, sometimes, successfully, for another one. Much of his material could probably be worked up into something pretty good, but not with these vocals, period. It’s very possible that he’ll move into production, engineering or marketing, and be very successful, but no way as a viable commercial music artist.

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