Behind SouthWaves: Distributing The Hudsons

Hello and welcome to another edition of the weekly Behind SouthWaves blog. In this edition, I would like to talk about plans for the distribution of the upcoming The Hudsons audio drama series. This is a continuation of the previous blog post, which discussed the creation of the SouthWaves Audio series.

The Hudsons will be a four day a week drama series, detailing the everyday life of Helen and Harry Hudson. Initially a two-hander, the series will explore everyday occurrences, worries, and fascinations, through the daily works of a married couple in their early 30s. Episodes will run at around 10 minutes, including advert and promotional spots.

I have opted to distribute the show through podcasting, with it being available through Itunes, TuneIn, and other podcast providers. Our service provider will be Libsyn, whom I have used on several occasions. This will personally cost me money, but I am willing to take the risk due to the frequency of show releases. There will be four episodes released a week from Monday to Thursday, with a refresher on Friday. I am planning to run the show for a month to test reaction, meaning that there will be 16 episodes at the end of the trial.

The trial will begin in September, which gives me time to write, record and produce the first batch of episodes. I am setting the target far in advance to get to grips with recording such a production. I am currently researching various methods, with a view to finding the most suitable one for easy turnaround. The recording conditions I have are far from ideal, which means I need time to iron out any problems.

I hope this post helps to answer any questions that anyone may have had about the distribution of the project. I am hoping to build up a steady stream of subscribers on podcasting platforms, and get people talking about The Hudsons. I have seen a distinct lack of indie audio drama producers in the UK, and hope that I can help to shine a light on the medium; encouraging more to participate. Thank you for reading.

Jamie Dyer

University Of Chichester alumnus Jamie Dyer, is an experienced writer, broadcaster, musician and social media marketer. He is the founder of the SouthWaves brand. In his spare time, he enjoys Old Time Radio, vintage TV, watching Basketball and collecting vinyl records.

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