Interview: Ashley Woodruff

Continuing our series of interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to artist Ashley Woodruff.

1) How did you get started in music?

I started to get really interested in music when I was about 7. My dad’s a piano player, so I would always listen to him play, and I would see him perform with different singers at town events. My first time ever recording music was at 9 years old. I recorded a few of my favourite songs (my dad played piano, and I sang), put them on a CD, and gave it to my Grandma for Christmas. When I was 11, I started taking singing lessons; from there, I developed my voice through classical training. I also started to gain experience in performing, through recitals and school talent shows.

2) How would you describe your music?

The genre of my music is pop/adult contemporary. The album is a unique variety, of musical styles and blends.

3) Tell us about your latest release

My latest release is a live session of “Without You”, from my debut album (released November 2017).

This song is an emotion-evoking piano ballad. It’s about finding the strength to move on from someone that hurts you, even though you love them. Although the emotional pain is currently very strong, time will make it subside.

4) Is there anything you haven’t done, that you’d like to do?

I would really like to learn an instrument, to further expand my knowledge of music and composition.

5) Would you ever consider coming to the UK?

One day, I definitely want to. As a matter of fact, my dream is to perform all around the world. I love performing in different places because each time is an opportunity to meet new people. Along with this, it’s an opportunity to expose my music to new people as well.

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