Behind SouthWaves: Finding a Niche

Hello and welcome to another Behind SouthWaves blog. I know it has been a while since my last proper post, but I have been busy preparing for the future. Although I have not always followed this path, I always think that a business or organization needs to know what it does. It can be simple to put things into a box and simplify it, but there needs to be a real reason; we have been struggling to find that reason lately.

I have had many calls to bring back SouthWaves Radio, and have tried to do so on many occasions. However, these attempts have been nothing more than an attempt to relive and better past glories, when I personally have no desire to revisit it. However, I am keen to capitalize on the interest that the radio station generated, and plow it into another venture. I know some will react negatively to this notion because it isn’t what they signed up for, but there are logical and economical reasons for treading the path.

Radio stations, as many in the industry will tell you, are hard work and take a lot of financial backing before they can run effectively and efficiently. The ideas behind SouthWaves were so complex that it would take a lot of money, time and effort; something that is not available to us at this time.

Instead, I have decided to rebrand to SouthWaves Audio, to focus on the things that SouthWaves did best. Our website is a hub for arts-related news, interviews, reviews and local events, while our outgoing content production is a mixture of syndicated radio content and specialist podcasts.  The latter has not quite got started yet, but the former is coming along nicely. The aim at present is to take on volunteers and work from there, keeping the SouthWaves flame burning. The eventual mission is to find a way of monetizing the venture once our reputation has grown, allowing us to create more opportunities locally.

While there may be some who are disappointed by this change, our missions and objectives still remain the same. In the last two months, I have seen amazing stats for social media and our website, which far outweigh what we were achieving as a radio station. I am witnessing more people open to our ideas and concepts, and more chances to succeed. I am a little sad that the station did not get another chance to shine, but there is always another opportunity in the future; should the time be right.

That’s the end of the Behind SouthWaves blog for this week, thanks for reading!

Jamie Dyer

University Of Chichester alumnus Jamie Dyer, is an experienced writer, broadcaster, musician and social media marketer. He is the founder of the SouthWaves brand. In his spare time, he enjoys Old Time Radio, vintage TV, watching Basketball and collecting vinyl records.

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