Interview: Kev M

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the opportunity to submit questions to Hull based indie rock singer / songwriter Kev M.
1) How would you describe your music?
My music is guitar based indie rock, very 90’s influenced and acoustic based. I writer catchy melodic indie anthems.
2) How do you write your music?
Usually I sit down with my acoustic guitar and come up with a chord progression that sounds good and go from there. The lyrics generally come last and sometimes can be a struggle. I have phrases and lyrics in my memory I like that I use if they fit with the song I’m working on. On very rare occasions the lyric come at the same time as the music which is when you know you have something special and it’s a great feeling. That’s what happened with one of my songs ‘Can’t Be Bothered’.
3) Have you any releases coming up?
I’m about to record a new single this month with a release for later in the summer. It’s down to one of two songs at the moment. I released three single in rapid succession back in March.
4) Do you gig? What are they like?
I’ve been gigging regularly since the start of the year, doing acoustic nights in my local area. There is a really good music scene here in Hull and plenty of nice venues to play at. It’s great meeting other musicians, generally networking and receiving advice on the way. They are quite intimate venues which make for a great atmosphere. I generally play a thirty minute set and so far my music has been well received.
5) Any plans to tour?
There are no plans right now but I have tentatively put out some feelers to play further afield. Realistically I’d love to play support on a short UK tour and go from there.
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