Interview: David Sinclair Four

Continuing our series of interviews with unsigned and independent artists, we recently submitted questions to the David Sinclair Four; also known as DS4.
  1. How did the band form?
    Singer and guitarist David Sinclair was offered some downtime in a recording studio in Shepherds Bush on December 31, 2004 to record a song he had written. He put together a band for the session and has kept it going continuously ever since. Now known as David Sinclair Four, the current line-up features Geoff Peel (guitar/vocals), Jos Mendosa (bass/vocals) and Rory Mendosa (drums).
  2. How would you describe your music?
    Alternative rock. Vintage sound. Voice, electric guitars, drums. Good lyrics. London blues influence.
  3. You recently released a single, what has the reaction been like?
    The DS4 has released three singles this year: “Sweet Georgina”, “Little Rock & Roll” and “The Rolling People”.  Reaction has been encouraging.
  4. What are your live gigs like?
    Rocking. The DS4 is playing The Social, London W1 on May 14. Check it out:
  5. Any plans for an album in the future?
    The band’s fifth album, Sweet Georgina, was released this week on Friday May 11:
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