Interview: Caged Tigers

Continuing our series of interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we had the chance to chat with Brighton based Caged Tigers.

  1. How did you form the band?
    Caged Tigers actually started off as a uni project – Victoria (lead vocals), Will (guitarist) and Abi (drummer) were put together in a lesson but decided they wanted to continue to make music outside of uni. They went on to add Cy (bassist) and Lucy (pianist) who helped fill out our sound, eventually adding Becky (backing vocals) to add in a layer of sweet harmonies. Very recently we also welcomed Amrika (backing vocals) and Holly (saxophonist) to the team and we’re so excited!
  2. How would you describe your music?
    Our music is pretty chilled with elements of funk and soul – we class ourselves as a Neo-Soul Funk band. Some of the piano and guitar lines are very intricate, with the bass and drums really locking together for a great groove.
  3. You released your debut single recently, talk us through the process of writing and recording the track
    The single started out with our bassist playing a really groovy riff in rehearsal, and we worked on it from there. We then started jamming with it, adding drums, guitar and keys with the final step being to add lead vocals and some nice harmonies to complete the track. When we felt like it was ready to be recorded, we booked a date at Metway Studio, got it mixed and mastered and it was ready to be released! It’s out now on all major music platforms, so please give it a listen and let us know what you think!
  4. With the debut single done and dusted, is there an ep or album incoming?
    We’re currently trying to do some more gigs to get ourselves out there a bit more, but we’d love to get back in the studio very soon as we have plenty of ideas, and we’re currently in the process of writing some new tracks too!
  5. What are your live gigs like?
    We had our single launch just over a week ago (April 25th) and we’re all still buzzing! The atmosphere in the room was amazing, people looked like they were really grooving to our music and we were so happy with the turn out!

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