Interview: Singer / Songwriter AMBR

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we chat to contemporary singer, songwriter and musician AMBR (real name Megan Farnfield). Originally from Surrey, She has been causing quite a stir with her recent activities, including high attendance concerts and airplay.

  1. How did you start with music?
    I think unconsciously two of the biggest influences of me starting my music career were my dad and grandad. My dad used to sing Cat Stevens to me before I fell asleep as a child and I always found comfort and security when he did which was one thing that drew me to the music world. My grandad used to listen to a lot of opera which started my love of that. He would always listen to it late at night and when I went to visit him in Wales, I would remember hearing the expression and passion as well as beauty in all the voices and from then I knew I wanted to get involved with music. I started singing and playing the cello and piano at age seven and it all spiraled from there. My mum was always the biggest supporter with my career as she would take me to all my lessons and wait for hours through classes, competitions and always helped me achieve my dreams.
  2. How would you describe your music?
    I would describe my music as fun, fresh but perhaps also little aggressive pop music. My lyrics in some songs have some grit and bite to them which I think is different to a lot of pop music out there but is common among many of my main influences such as Sigrid, Halsey and Alma.
  3. You released ‘Unfinished Business’ earlier this month, How did the song come about?
    Honestly, most of my songs are pulled from personal experiences that I have been through and Unfinished Business was no exception. It was written about my own heartbreak I was going through at the time and I didn’t know how else to express what I was feeling other than to write so that’s what I did. Writing is a great and important outlet for me so it’s important to channel that. I actually wrote this song whilst at college and it was almost a ballad in it’s early stages but by the time I got into the studio that vibe didn’t feel right anymore.
  4. Are there any plans for future releases?
    I’ve recently recorded my next two singles called ‘What A Shame’ and ‘Take Your Own Heat’ and I’ve also been working with a producer friend of mine so I’m sure we’ll be releasing at least three new singles in 2018, these are just the current confirmed ones though and I’m almost sure there will be more than that.
  5. Are you gigging at the moment, what are they like?
    I do have some gigs and festivals coming up soon and all of those dates will be on my website ! I love gigging and get a massive adrenaline rush every time I do it – no matter how many gigs I do I think I will always be nervous! This last year I’ve gotten to perform at some really cool and established venues in both Brighton and London and I don’t plan on that stopping anytime soon!


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