Interview: Across The Sea

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts, we asked 5 questions to Worthing based duo Across The Sea.

  1. How would you describe the music of Across The Sea?
    A collection of Folk, Jazz, Classical, Ambient, Pop, Rock, Metal, and World Music records thrown into the sea, then fished out and bashed repeatedly over the head with an acoustic guitar.
  2. How did the duo begin?
    We met at Uni (Northbrook College), and then the summer after graduating got together to play an acoustic covers set at a local cafe. After the venue booked us for a second gig in mid October, we decided to try writing some original material. The results were Back to Reality and Wanderlust. We thought “hang on, we’re onto something here”, and Across The Sea was born!
  3. You released your debut EP in February, how did you record?
    It was recorded and mixed by us at home, using Logic. Mastering was done by Andrew Leo, a Worthing based producer.
  4. Who writes the songs?
    Hannah writes the vocal melodies and lyrics, Pete writes the music. Generally speaking it’s music first, though certain songs, Joker for example, have begun with a lyrical idea instead.
  5. Are you playing live gigs, and what are they like?
    Yes! We usually gig a few times each week. Initially it was mostly at open mics, though we are getting booked more regularly at various music nights around the Sussex area. We are in talks with a few venues in London so should be heading a bit further north in the near future too. At time of writing, our next gig is at Crowns in Brighton, as part of their monthly Sunday session. Gig updates are posted on our social media, so keep an eye out and come along!

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