Interview: Start Point

Continuing our series of written interviews with unsigned and independent acts. This time, we spoke to south west based Start Point about their roots, recent album and live gigs.

  1. How did you form, and how would you describe your sound?
    We first met at school in the late 1970’s. Our mutual love of music led us  to pen a couple of songs before we went our separate ways into adulthood. A chance reunion in 2008 saw us get together to write original songs. Our catalogue now numbers around 70 in various stages of recording, mixing etc.
  2. What are your influences?
    We can’t say our music is influenced by any band or sound. We both have an eclectic taste in music from classical to heavy metal.
  3. You’ve just released an album, what was the process?
    We use an 8 track and 32 track home studio. We had mixed and mastered the songs at a Studio in Plymouth (PMC).We decided that we wanted to release a professional looking album and thus incurring the costs that were involved. A mutual friend (Steve Pawley) offered to design the sleeve and was given free rein to interpret the title.

    We undertook a professional photo shoot for the insert lyric  booklet.  We obtained ISRC Codes for all the songs. The CD was pressed, and the sleeve and booklet were printed by a Plymouth company (DMS).

    Upon launch we used social media to publicise the album and have also contacted various Radio stations looking for airplay with some success. By contacting music publications we have also managed to get some publicity.

  4. Who is the main songwriter?
    The song writing is very much a joint effort. Nigel is the musician and works from Andy’s lyrics, with Andy contributing his ideas musically.
  5. Do you play gigs, and what are they like?

    Our Music is very much studio produced at the moment so live performance isn’t an option currently. We continue to search for like minded musicians who wish to perform original music. So far we have had no success.

Thank you to Andy and Nigel for taking the time to answer our questions. You can find out more about Start Point by visiting their website

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