REVIEW: Shalalala Boom by Norquay

Singer Songwriter Andrew Norquay took three years away from music, due to commitments as a commercial driver. After that lengthy break, he has returned with new music that sounds like the energy is well and truly maintained. He performs straight up rock and roll riffs with a bluesy feel and an alternative rock edge; making it incredibly hard for this reviewer!

Taken from his second ep, Apocalyptic Blues , Shalalala Boom is a real mash up of rock genres and influences. Upon the start of the track, the listener is greeted with a western tinged atmosphere, followed by rip roaring guitar licks and funky drums. The stylishly handled slide guitar, with lashings of harmonica, give the track a shot of traditional rhythm and blues also. The song diverts slightly away from traditional song writing conventions, focusing heavily on it’s chorus and lead guitar licks for effect; something which works really well.

It can be really difficult to find new ways for acts to reinvent the wheel of their chosen genres, so many choose to create something new. Norquay has mixed a range of styles to create a track that is unconventional, but grabs the ears of the listener. At only 2:30 in length, it could be a little longer as it finishes far too quickly. However, it can be argued that any attempt to do so would interrupt the flow of the track. As it is, Norquay’s driving rhythm, thrilling distorted vocals and catchy hooks make this an addictive listen. Overall, a decent track and a good selling device for the ep!


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Jamie Dyer

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