REVIEW: All My Friends Hate Each Other – The Arabellas

The Arabellas are a London based Indie band, who formed in 2016. All My Friends Hate Each Other is their most recent offering, and a follow up to their debut single Lana. Upon hearing the jangling guitars and driving cymbal drums of their latest offering, this reviewer was instantly transported back to Indie glory days of 2007. The pace and sound is familiar but not too familiar; leading it away from being branded as cliché. These guys have done their homework, and have created a track that rings true; something that they pride themselves on.

“We, The Arabellas, are a group of lads inadvertently ostracising ourselves from anyone who’s ever considered us ‘close’. By capitalising on the dysfunction in our relationships, we’re building up a dirty laundry list of indie-party bangers that we now have to lie about the true meaning of. Check out a few of our tunes and sorry in advance if they ring a bit too true, The A’s x.”

This track certainly has elements of truth, almost describing the atmosphere of college and university relationships to a tee! It’s not the words that hit you though, it’s the instrumentation and the placing of everything in the mix. Segments of the track are enhanced by ear filling trademark harmonising, and attitude soaked singing. The lead break after the first verse is a standout moment, it’s a eureka moment that grabs the ears; it’s far too short! Something which, in my opinion, lets it down slightly is the production. Lana was a tad fuller and rockier in it’s sound, but this sounds a tad thin. However, a production of this type would sound amazing on the radio; possibly intended as the track is a radio friendly three minutes in length. They have also done what some bands don’t, created a radio edit! 

Overall, it’s a neat record that does what it sets out to do; it’s an anthemic nostalgic record that hits all the right commercial notes  If an album is on the way, I’d certainly be interested in hearing more, just to see how things are developed further.

7 – 10

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